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Medical Grade Skincare Products

Like your face, skincare products are not created equal. LaserDerm offers our patients medical-grade skincare products...

• No fluff

• No perfumes

• No fillers

• No dyes 

A lot of people ask us what the difference is between medical grade skincare products, and products from a department store or drugstore. LaserDerm offers an array of medical grade skincare products, and our goal is to educate you about the benefits. “Over-the-counter” brands can easily attract attention, because of their advertisements, packaging and of course, the price. However, most people don’t know is that while they claim to work, and they may have some benefits, THOSE products CANNOT repair or prevent skin conditions.

Why Use Medical Grade Skincare Products?

1. High Concentrations of Active Ingredients  -  All our medical grade products are dispensed and overseen by our physician, Dr. Paul Glat.  Over the counter products from a drug store are formulated for everyone and anyone, and are NOT overseen by a doctor, so they can only have small amounts of active ingredients.

2. Penetrates the Deep Layers - In order to get real results from a skincare product, treatment needs to be directed toward deeper layers of the skin. Over-the-counter products can only work on the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) where the skin cells are starting to shed. Medical Grade Skincare products can actually penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. These products seep all the way down to the dermis (middle layer of skin) where the elastin and collagen are contained, as well as the basal (bottom layer of skin) where new cells are produced.

3. Safe and Effective  - LaserDerm has made a commitment to our patients to only distribute products that are as safe as they are effective, which is why their formulas are manufactured only in facilities that use the latest in manufacturing technology and that are registered with the FDA. By adhering to all of the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, our skincare products deliver formulas that are:

• Always Potent

• Always Pure

• Always Full of the Finest Ingredients

• Always Safe

Medical Grade products provide real results! They have been scientifically published in medical journals, and have been proven to work.


EltaMD® Sunscreen

EltaMD sunscreens help scatter the dangerous UVA and UVB rays. This powerful sunscreen helps:

• Prevent Sunburn

• Decrease the Risk of Skin Cancer

• Prevent Aging Caused by the Sun

EltaMD sunscreens are made with the finest ingredients and are safe for any skin type. They are composed of transparent zinc oxide, a natural mineral compound and are

• Noncomedogenic (won't block pores)

• Sensitivity-free

• Fragrance-free

• Paraben-free

• Safe for any skin type

Come into LaserDerm today to purchase EltaMD. You cannot purchase these wonderful products in the store. They are only available through a physician. They are made with the most superior ingredients guaranteeing ultimate skin protection from the sun's damaging rays. One of the key pieces of taking care of your skin is using sunscreen daily even on the cloudy days. UV rays are always present, so come in today to purchase your EltaMD sunscreens. 

Eau Thermale Avène


Avène products are composed of the healing, pure spring water from the Cevennes Mountains located in Southwest France. Avène spring water has been used for over 260 years to treat various dermatology issues. Avène products are:

• Backed by More Than 300 Clinical Studies

• Perfectly Balanced with Pure Minerals, Trace Elements and Silicates

• Soothing

• Calming

• Healing 

• Safe for All Skin Types

So whether you have normal or sensitive skin, and want to soothe, calm, and soften your skin, Avène is here to help. LaserDerm carries a variety of Avène products. Come experience the soothing, healing properties of Avène.

glo™Minerals Makeup

Part of great skin care is using pure and natural makeup. Makeup should not only enhance your features, but also nurture and heal your skin at the same time. We highly recommend and carry glo™Minerals Makeup. Come in and allow our experienced estheticians to help match your skin with the perfect makeup suited just for you.

Recommended by dermatologists & leading skincare professionals worldwide - glo™Minerals Makeup is clinically formulated to protect, correct & cover - resulting in radiantly beautiful skin.

LaserDerm's Own Line

We carry our very own private line of skin care products. We have a range of items from cleansers to moisturizers. All of our products are made with pure and natural ingredients.

Come in today to pick up your skin care essentials. Our private line is superior to any product you would buy in the store. So don't delay; care for your skin!



Come in today to purchase your skin care products!

With Medical Grade Skincare Products, you can effectively care for your skin. LaserDerm has the skincare products that you need; they have been proven to work, and we have seen the results! It is important to us to carry products for every skin type and every skin condition. Whatever the problem, we have a skin care product solution. Come in today! ***All sales are final.